CODA's Shelter

Victims tell us the first time they have felt safe in months is the moment when they reach the privacy of a CODA bedroom. Finally, they can sleep peacefully, knowing they will not be terrorized or attacked.

CODA's comfortable, 6,000 square-foot shelter includes six bedrooms; a large living area; a children's room; a spacious, modern kitchen where residents take turns preparing meals and a private, fenced-in play area for children. The shelter can house up to 24 residents.

In close proximity to the residents are the domestic violence counselor, children's counselor, children's activities coordinator, court advocate and case manager.

Once approved as appropriate for shelter, clients and their children can stay up to 60 days. (Breaking shelter rules may be cause for asking clients to leave.)

Realizing that 60 days can speed by, CODA requires residents to access individual and group counseling as well as case management in order to prepare for the time when they move from shelter to other living situations.

Former residents can still access services through CODA's out-reach program. Often clients and their children will attend individual and/or group counseling for many months after they have left the shelter.

CODA's staff understands that women may return to their abusers six to nine times before they are able to make a final break (See: "Why Women Stay.") Former clients finding themselves in dangerous situations once more are encouraged to call for shelter without fear of prejudice.

Male victims of domestic violence and women with male children 18 or older receive other shelter options.


For emergency shelter, call CODA: 843-770-1070 or 800-868-CODA


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