Do you know that domestic violence, harassment and stalking are against the law in South Carolina?

CODA’s court advocate can accompany victims to bond, magistrate and/or family courts. To ensure a client's overall safety, she can also provide resources, information and referrals as the survivor’s situation changes. For more information about domestic violence, stalking and harassment, click on the following links:

Criminal Domestic Violence, SC Code of Laws § 16-25-10, et seq.

Harassment and Stalking, SC Code of Laws, § 16-3-1700, et seq.

Do you know that crime victims in South Carolina have constitutional and statutory rights? For more information about your rights as a crime victim, click on the links below:

South Carolina Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights - Article 1, Section 24

Other agencies assisting victims of crime in South Carolina are: SOVA (The State Office of Victim Assistance), The Office of the Crime Victims’ Ombudsman and South Carolina Victim Assistance Network.

Do you know that CODA’s court advocacy program can help victims of intimate partner violence even if the batterer wasn’t arrested?

In addition to court accompaniment and transportation to court, CODA’s court advocate provides case management services which include: