The Overlooked Victims of Domestic Violence

The center of a small child's life is his or her parents. Imagine a child's terror when he helplessly watches his mother or father being physically or verbally attacked. If the abuser is another parent or a trusted adult, you can add horror and confusion to the emotions experienced by the child.

In a 2004 study, calling the abuse of women a "pediatric issue," the American Academy of Pediatrics concluded that witnessing or even overhearing violence in the home can be as traumatic for a child as being the victim of physical or sexual assault.

Some effects of domestic violence on children:

CODA's Children's Program

The majority of victims seeking assistance from CODA are parents of young children. CODA is committed to helping those children cope with the trauma they have experienced as well as encouraging them to learn non-violent ways to deal with conflict. CODA's mission is to help children currently in crisis while striving to break the cycle of violence before it is repeated. CODA's program includes: