CODA's counselors are available to work with adult victims and their children both in the shelter and on an outreach basis. Victims and survivors of domestic violence have the opportunity for individual and/or group counseling.

Adult Counseling:

CODA's adult counselor helps clients explore the many effects of domestic violence on their lives while constantly reinforcing the fact that victims are not to blame for the treatment they have endured.

Years of emotional abuse often leave victims unable to make decisions and insecure about their strengths and abilities. Supportive counseling can help clients rediscover the self-esteem necessary to extricate themselves from abusive situations.

In group counseling, women share experiences and validation enabling them to become survivors of, rather than victims of, domestic violence.

Children's Counseling:

As noted in Effects on Children, domestic violence can have devastating and long-term consequences for the youngest members of a family.

CODA's children's counselor and children's activities coordinator sensitively work with children in age-appropriate manners to help them cope with the trauma they have experienced while encouraging the use of non-violent methods to resolve conflict.

The children's counselor also supports and helps parents to work toward their children's healing and growth.

The children's activities coordinator furthers the goals of the children's counselor - helping to make the child feel safe, encouraging non-violent play, assisting with homework, working with parents, designing activities and being an overall resource for the children.

The children's staff also offers bullying and teen-dating-violence education programs to students and youth groups.


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