Community Education

CODA's mission includes preventing domestic violence through education. The community education program is designed to raise awareness through effective and creative offerings.

Speakers Bureau: Presentations are available to civic, educational, social and religious groups to familiarize them with the dynamics of domestic violence, shatter the myths associated with the crime and highlight its devastating implications for the community. Topics are tailored for the audience. For example, the effects of domestic violence on children, domestic violence in the workplace and techniques to recognize abuse for medical professionals are a few of the frequently-requested topics.

Heath/Community Fairs: CODA's community educator and volunteers participate in local events, bringing literature and display materials to raise awareness of both domestic violence and CODA services.

Professional Training: CODA's staff members hold regular trainings for law enforcement and social service providers on aspects of domestic violence pertaining to their professions.

Workplace Violence Prevention Presentations: In conjunction with CODA, Former FBI Profiler Eugene Rugala offers businesses methods to prevent intimate partner violence from spilling over into the workplace. Download Flier.

Teen Dating Violence: CODA's children's staff offers The Megan Project, an interactive, teen dating violence education program to high school students.

Bullying Program: The children's staff also presents age-appropriate bullying education programs to elementary and middle school students.

Publications: CODA offers a variety of brochures, newsletters and other literature for display and dissemination in schools, medical/business offices, and other public venues.


To request a CODA presentation or CODA literature, call or e-mail CODA's community educator:

843-770-1074 x225 or