Case Management


If a victim decides to leave an abusive relationship, she is faced with making important decisions:

.....Where will she and her children live?

.....What are her child-care options?

.....How will she support herself?

.....Would it be better to relocate and be near family or friends?

.....Are there funds available to help people in her situation?

CODA's shelter is designed to provide a safe, short-term haven for women and their children who need emergency shelter. (Male victims are sheltered in local hotels.) Residents and their children may stay up to 60 days.

During this period the case manager interacts daily with the domestic violence counselor, children's counselor and legal advocates to help clients make the best possible choices for their futures and those of their children.

For emergency shelter or any CODA service, call: 843-770-1070 or 800-868-CODA