Are You Being Abused?

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence. The ways in which abusers attempt to control their partners also include verbal, psychological, emotional, sexual and even financial abuse.

Victims often tend to brush off behavior to which they've become accustomed. Answer the following questions, to determine if you are being abused:

Does Your Partner

...grab, push, kick, strangle or hit you?

...threaten to hurt you or your children?

...try to isolate you from family or friends?

...put you down in front of others?

...jealously monitor your activities or accuse you of having affairs?

...blame you for his or her anger?

...force you to have sex or perform sexual acts with which you are uncomfortable?

...tell you he will hurt you or get custody of your children if you leave him?

...say the abuse never happened or was no big deal?

...threaten to harm or actually harm your property and/or pets?

Do you...

...feel frightened to leave?

...always do what your partner wants?

...walk on “eggshells” trying not to do anything that would make your partner angry?

...believe that your partner would change if you behaved “better?”

If you’ve answered “yes” to just one question, you may be in an abusive relationship. But, you are not alone and you have choices!

WATCH OUT! Warning Signs of an Abuser

To explore your options and learn more about domestic violence, contact CODA:

843-770-1070 or 800-868-CODA